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20+ Tips For Good UI/UX Design

During the design process, design flaws in your product can (and will) go unnoticed -- especially if you have developers that are doing a lot of the design work instead...

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How To Find The Right Designer

Business is very complex -- just like it was complex 50 years ago, and just like it will be complex 50 years from now. At the core of this complexity...

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The Value of Good Design

You literally can't afford to be like everyone else. Your customers need a good reason to buy from you and not from your competitors. Your business and brand needs to be...

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Featured Artist: Bernard Pras

Pras was born on March 22, 1952 in Charente in the south-west of France in a toy shop. After more than 20 years spent as a painter (and also a sculptor...

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How To Design A Successful Logo

There's far more to crafting your brand's visual identity than just dropping some text in a square and calling it a day. There is a reason that logo designers have...

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Featured Artist: Luca Barcellona

Luca Barcellona is a extremely talented graphic designer, calligrapher and typographic artist. In his work, the ancient art of language and writing coexist with the instruments of the digital era....

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