The Value of Good Design

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The Value of Good Design

You literally can’t afford to be like everyone else. Your customers need a good reason to buy from you and not from your competitors. Your business and brand needs to be different so that your product or service stands out from the competition.

People want well-designed products and services because they look good — and customers are prepared to pay more for superior design.

So if your product or service isn’t looking as good or better than the competitors’, what do you have left to compete on? Price! According to the Design Council, two-thirds of companies who ignore design have to compete mainly on price. In companies where design is integral, surprisingly just one third do so. So, it follows that, according to the research, good design makes the best economic sense. And yet many companies continue to ignore this fact!

Good design can help your business:

  • Increases sales of your products or services
  • Improves market position relative to your competitors
  • Adds perceived value
  • Builds greater customer loyalty
  • Builds and strengthens employee pride
  • Establishes a strong identity for your business
  • Reduces time needed to market new products/services

Bad design can harm your business:

  • Decreased sales of your products or services
  • Weakens market position relative to your competitors
  • Lessons perceived value
  • Erodes customer loyalty
  • Undermines and weakens employee pride
  • Waters down the identity of your business
  • Results in stagnant marketing efforts


We’re not talking employing someone for a day or two to create a logo or leaflet, we’re talking about using the creative skills of a designer to influence business planning. This effectively results in your business being more innovative, competitive and profitable. But don’t take our word for it:

‘Every $100 a design-led business invests in design repays $225 in increased sales.’ — Design Council

‘There’s an awful lot of evidence across an awful lot of categories that consumers will pay more for better design.’ — AG Lafley, Chief Executive, Procter & Gamble

‘83% of businesses which see design as integral have developed new products or services in the last three years compared to 40% of businesses overall.’ — Design Council

‘Share prices of design-led companies out-performed key FTSE indices by 200% over 10 years.’ — Design Council

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