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What is “Marketing”?

Marketing is whatever people are saying about you.

The object of marketing is simple: To feed the sales channel with leads, and to nurture prospective customers until they enter the decision/buying phase. We work with your existing sales and marketing personnel to develop programs and campaigns that increase corporate and product awareness. The goal is to build reputation, reliability and trust in your business value offering in the minds of your target audience. From campaign ideation to collateral design, DRKMTTR employs results-driven marketing strategies to expand your business and grow your bottom line. We can help get your brand out in front of the right people — and at the right time.

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Today’s Business Climate Is Radically Different

Today’s Marketing Should Be, Too

Business marketing used to be about “fitting in” with everyone else. Today, it’s about standing out. It’s about being bold, showing and proving how you’re different. If customers cannot see how you’re different from others, then you’re invisible. Companies can no longer use the same, old-school methodology to sell into today’s new-technology marketplace. That’s where we come in. So why do companies believe that they can continue to sell in the same ways as they have always done? After all, today’s buyer is more sophisticated in their purchasing approach. That’s why our products and services are designed to help your startup or small business better align its business value communication with today’s buyer expectations — all while standing out from the competition.

We work with enlightened, forward-thinking start-ups and small businesses, building marketing programs that create visibility, awareness, and differentiation.

If you believe that you cannot solve new problems using old solutions, then get in touch.


With us handling your company’s marketing, you’re free to concentrate on your organization’s core values. This strengthens your value proposition and maximizes sales and marketing ROI.


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