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Have a great idea, but not sure how to get it off the ground? At DRKMTTR, we guide our clients through each step of their brand’s lifecycle from planning to implementation. With expert knowledge, we present you with an in depth overview of a digital marketing strategy which covers all channels relevant to your business goals and will provide you with the best results.

Whether the goal is to grow your B2B company or get acquired, an integrated marketing plan built with DRKMTTR as your partner has the power to transform your business and put your brand on the map. We begin with research, gathering intelligence to analyze your business and goals from the highest vantage point, and devising the right marketing strategy for your goals and budget.

Brand strategy is the foundation for building a strong brand. Strategy is internal and begins with addressing the fundamentals like developing brand positioning strategy, purpose, differentiation, and experience. This leads to the creation of the brand communication strategy — the external face and voice of the brand.

Developing the brand strategy involves rigor, processes, and evaluation. It is the ability to focus on the essentials and getting the brand matrix right.

The best brands are advertisements in and of themselves. We believe that a powerful brand is simply the result of a powerful strategy. The key is to find a fresh way into the hearts and minds of your customers, redefine and own the conversation in your industry, and engage people on as many levels as possible.

The best product and company brands represent the ultimate process of boiling these ideas down into one consolidated brand strategy. A comprehensive brand strategy addresses many different areas.

We conceive, create, launch, and market compelling brands. Our strategy services provide you with a roadmap to success and our customized solutions to turn you into an industry leader. Our creative campaigns tell a story, generate awareness, and build lifetime customer loyalty. In today’s world, all companies are digital companies.

The importance of digital marketing is not only here to stay, it is increasingly important with the rise of Digital Natives. To this end, it is critical that CMOs define a Digital Marketing Strategy as a critical component within their overarching Marketing Strategy.

In putting together a Digital Marketing Strategy, you need to not only understand your digital assets, but who your digital consumers are and how they play within the digital landscape.

Brand Naming

Naming the brand is the smartest decision for every business. A great name gives a global identity and it reaches a position in the market, which will help your brand grow.

Brand Identity

Semantic differential method is an excellent tool to align the brands that reflect clarity about the future. Concentrating on how the future of the business would look like will help in business growth.


Be unique among your competitors. Register your brand and create a trademark with unique combination of letters, word, symbol, name and more. Trademark is a sign that allows users to distinguish your products and goods from the other.

Business Intelligence

It is the most commonly used business term that improves the marketing returns. Business intelligence is a fast developing brand marketing strategy that creates successful and sustainable business.

Organizational Alignment

Strong leadership qualities helps in establishing a new scope, cost and strategy of the organization. Sharing the progress of the business across different organizations helps in establishing a great brand.


It is an authentic way to find out the progress of the business. The brand communication strategy implemented in the business should be assessed with better tracking facilities.


“Should we or shouldn’t we?” is a critical question when new marketing opportunities present themselves. A DRKMTTR marketing strategy gives you the framework to assess unexpected opportunities as they arise. We use data to validate experience when deciding whether or not to pursue new ideas. The result is a thoughtful, measurable cross-platform strategy – firmly rooted in research, data and insight, and supported by proven, cost-effective, sustainable tactics.


We recognize most successful marketers understand the importance of customer experience and customer centricity. These individuals have put together customer facing strategies, spent resources researching their customers, developed personas and constructed the ideal buying journeys. Yet they are the only ones within the organization that truly understand the business impact of customer experience. Interestingly enough most successful marketers have often overlooked their responsibility to engage their internal constituents (non-marketing functions) into their customer experience strategy. We believe in order to become truly customer centric you must align and activate your internal cross functional teams.


We believe today’s marketers need to arm themselves with practical systems that allow them to become agile organizations. Strategies must be lean and applied quickly. Enabling all members of the marketing organization to have both a strategic and agile mindset is critical to success. We would like to support those that wish to push their teams and exceed customer expectations.

Too often, companies spend a great deal of time and energy creating a plan, only to have it gather dust on the shelf – while business goes on as usual around the office. DRKMTTR’s marketing strategies are realistic and sustainable. It’s a fine balance between business aspirations and actual budgetary and human resource constraints. Such constraints are not negatives – they are critical parameters that guide and shape the strategy. Realistic expectations are key to a successful campaign.


A DRKMTTR marketing strategy is a complete plan. We begin with clearly identified goals and then determine the approach, process, timing, division of labor, budgets and metrics for success. Depending on your marketing needs, each integrated marketing plan covers web development, PR/media relations/social media, email marketing, search engine marketing, thought leadership, case study and white paper writing, print and digital advertising, trade shows and more.

In marketing, it’s tempting to jump straight to tactics before setting a marketing strategy – you know, create a brochure or send out a press release – because it feels good to do something to promote your business. But if your marketing efforts aren’t working together, they’re working against you.
Sit down with us and let our years of experience lead your project in the right direction.


With us handling your company’s marketing, you’re free to concentrate on your organization’s core values. This strengthens your value proposition and maximizes sales and marketing ROI.


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